Jupe’s Topless Photo

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This is the newest Jupe’s topless photo:

Jupe's Topless Photo

Julia Perez blows out the wind again. This time with her topless photo that can be found on plixi.com, an online twitter photos application. You can find the original Julia Perez topless photo instead of the one on this Indonesian Celebrities and Gossips blog. This topless photo has been blurred on Julia Perez’ back. Julia Perez wrote "Tidur dulu ahhh." as the caption of this hot photo.

This is not the first time for Jupe to share her sexy photos. She acknowledged that topless photo is really belong to her. But she refused to confess that she uploaded that photo intentionally.

This photo was actually taken by Gaston Castano. Julia Perez herself didn’t make any statements on when or where the photo was taken.

Although there has been many pressures to her to act and perform politely in public, but it seems like she doesn’t even give a glance to those warnings.

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kuliseo on 2 Desember 2012 21.03 mengatakan...

lucu juga, lagi tiduran di foto hahaha

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