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Krisdayanti Has Been Pregnant for Four Months!!!

Krisdayanti has been pregnant for four months, although her married with Raul Lemos has just been a month. The ex-wife of singer, songwriter, and producer Anang Hermansyah reportedly pregnant. The news was a rumor among mothers in the area around his residence in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta.

Krisdayanti"Here indeed, Krisdayanti’s pregnancy has been talked about widely among the neighbors. Many of them said that she is going to settle in Dili.

The signs of Krisdayanti’s pregnancy has been seen when a few days ago she was a guest on the Bukan Empat Mata tv show. At that time, Krisdayanti appeared wearing baby doll.

Not just in the neighborhood where she lived, the news of Krisdayanti’s pregnancy also seems to be conversations among a number of other Indonesian artists. However, they choose to shut up and reluctant to comment on the news. "I do not know, if she is really pregnant then it is good news," said one artist who declined to be named.

Until now there has been no comment from Krisdayanti or Raul about the news that has been widely spread.

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